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A new spin on creative cookery

Pacotizing enables chefs to ‘micro-puree’ fresh, deep-frozen foods into ultra-light mousses, naturally fresh ice creams & sorbets or aromatic soups, sauces or fillings without thawing.

Intensive flavours, natural colours & vital nutrients are captured in individual, ready-to-serve portions.

What is Pacojet?

Pacojet makes it easy to prepare high-quality dishes with intense, natural flavours while saving time, labor and reducing food waste. Tens of thousands of chefs worldwide rely on Pacojet to produce exquisite mousses, sauces and ice creams at the press of a button.


How it works

Place fresh meat, fish, vegetables or fruit into the beaker. Top up with ingredients and liquid of your choice and deep freeze. When you are ready to use, simply attach the beaker to the Pacojet, select the number of portions you need and press ‘start’…